Zuhair Murad - Haute Couture Collection Autumn/ Winter 2014/15 (with interview)

The designer of Lebanese origin Zuhair Murad knows how to please- you just need to see all of his clients and other celebrities flock to try to get a photograph with him. It should be mentioned that by showcasing dresses in all of their splendor, Zuhair has over the years become a red carpet regular. For this new couture collection, he plays with contrasts: between architecture and aerial, black and white, silvery colours opposed to vibrant tones, and long sleeves vs plunge necklines. The graphic aspect is highlighted by belts and long slender silhouettes, which further accentuate stones, crystals and embroideries that dazzle the eye… Interview:Zuhair Murad :It’s a journey between glamour and modernity, between the classic and futurism. It’s all that, between fashion and architecture. It was really a marriage between couture, haute couture, modern architecture and futurism. Between everything that is geometric, that is asymmetric, that is hung and pleated, all of the couture techniques, very much with touches of modernity, youth and the contemporary… Music from the show

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