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Kris Van Assche -Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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Kris van assche plays the card of sportswear working around the jacket, which takes on a new allure. it slips on, it intersects and becomes a hybrid mid-kway, half-jacket. the zip becomes a decorative element on a hooded parka, on a sweater. then optical effects are applied with crocodile prints or perforated dots on a knitted sweater, on bermuda shorts ... bottle green and neon orange colours are the key to today's collection in a new setting rue saint roch in paris to welcome it. music from fashion show interview kris van assche : i do not like compartments, i like to break codes, i like rules but i like that we can play with them, i like the idea that we can be comfortable in a suit , that we can be elegant in sportswear and in any case, for me, today all that is acquired. for me today i started with these young people who were based in sportswear when they were younger and have become sophisticated people, because they have that eye for detail, they look at trainers under a microscope, they really became sophisticated people, i like the idea of applying that to an all more mature figure. all the zips, of course, on cagoules, even though obviously i have not used a real cagoule in the collection. cagoules are in comparison with trench, trainers are a little in the style of stan smith that i was able to use 9 years ago in my first catwalk, compared to handmade shoes with boufleries, so all these contrasts, we end up use a crocodile design that can be found on the bases of watches of very stylish men, we finish by putting them in backpacks, wearing trainers, it’s that this game, breaking the rules. the idea is really to create a sort of anti-dandy, it’s about taking codes like ties or handkerchiefs that could have poker dots, but it’s about making them grow-up, accentuating them and making them something radically sporty, it’s always that, it’s about projecting and bringing out the context.